Uwe Steinmetz (alto saxophone)

Uwe Steinmetz works as a free-lance composer, saxophonist and lecturer up to and
beyond the borders of Europe, including: India, Ethiopia, Korea and the USA. He has so far released 12 CDs in Germany and the USA as a leader and toured with his own music on four continents in over 30 countries. His teachers included Gebhard Ullmann (Berlin), Andy Scherrer (Basel), Frank Sikora (Bern), Jerry Bergonzi (Boston) Ben Schwendener and George Russell (Boston). He has won national and international awards for his artistic work, as well as full scholarships for all his studies. Apart from his activity as concert-performer and teacher he is researching the fundamentals of music in various world cultures for a PHD thesis and supports inter-cultural dialogue through his own artistic projects.