Robert Jukič (bass)

Slovenian bassist/composer Robert Jukic has been performing and recording music since the age of 15. The self taught electric bass player decided after high school to devote his life to music and started playing the double bass at the age of 19. He gained experience playing in stylistically diverse bands, which all left a trace in his musical voice.

Studying with Wayne Darling at the University for music and performing arts Graz where he received his Master of Arts Degree introduced new musical horizons and opened new doors to collaborations with musicians, with whom he toured many countries, european, african, north-american, as well as russia and japan.

Robert has released 4 albums of his original material as a leader and is featured on many european records with various artists. He composes for his bands JR3 “Intuitive Machines”, JR5+ “Unit” and JR8 “Dictatorship” as well as for other projects. Jumping between genres, his music has been performed by jazz combos, big bands, chamber orchestras, rock bands and soul divas. He was also awarded 2nd place jury award and audience award at the Jazzon 2008 Composition Competition.

With his music he takes his audiences on journeys filled with emotions and energy, where ambiances are created with sound, genres are crossed and sculptured into living conglomerates.

Robert keeps an open mind in life and music, that is why he performs with his groups and freelances with other projects, groups and artists, unburdened by stylistic or genre frames.