Philipp Gropper (tenor saxophone)

Born in Berlin, Philipp Gropper has played the Saxophone since the age of eight.
Between 2000 and 2005 he studied Saxophone under the tutorage of Peter Weniger, Jerry Granelli and David Friedmann at the “University of Arts“ (UdK) in Berlin. From 2000 to 2002 he played in the concert section of „Bujazzo“ under Peter Herbolzheimer. Philipp Gropper won “Jugend jazzt“ in 1999 and was awarded the „Audience Prize of International Jazzstruggle“ in Stettin, Poland (2004) and the danish Grammy ( Categorie Jazz with Mads la Cour in 2009). These days he is working and touring with his Trio „Hyperactive Kid (Jazzwekstatt Berlin 2008) “, his own quartett „PHILM“, working on a Studio-Album with Istanbul-based Singer Ceylan Ertem, and is involved with many other avantgarde-projects. He has played concerts all over the world with musicians such as Ralph Towner, Bobby Mc.Ferrin, Günther „Baby“ Sommer, James Knapp, Rudi Mahall, Paulo Cardoso, Oliver Steidle, Carsten Daerr, Kreesten Osgood, Eric Schaefer, Kalle Kalima, John Schröder, Hovard Wiik, Tobias Delius and many others.
He is a member of Jazz Kollektiv Berlin .